Financial hardship is one of the main factors preventing young Hispanic Catholics from engaging in graduate-level theological and ministerial formation; Haciendo Caminos Fellowships address this challenge by alleviating some of the financial burdens that come with life in a graduate program.


Partner institutions apply on behalf of the students for up to $30,000 to support their graduate studies at the master’s level. Funding covers a spectrum of needs, including living expenses, education costs, field education/professional development costs, travel to conferences, other networking activities, pastoral internship experiences, and tuition, based on the student's specific needs.

Fellowship Criteria

All nominations for fellowships are submitted by the institution on behalf of the student. Priority is given to nominations for students who, full time or part-time, can complete their degrees by the end of summer 2027.

  • The primary criterion for evaluation of nominations is the demonstrated capacity of the student to engage in pastoral theological education and employ that education in pastoral leadership with Hispanic communities.
  • Fellowships are to be distributed to students who are familiar with the cultural and religious experience of the emerging generations of Hispanic Catholics and show great promise and commitment to  contributing important ministerial leadership within Hispanic communities and the potential for profound and sustained pastoral impact.
  • Nominations will also be considered in the context of individual student need.
  • Currently enrolled students are eligible to receive fellowship support. The time and number of credits left for them to complete their degree should be considered in discerning the amount of fellowship funding.

Nomination Process

To be nominated for an Haciendo Caminos Fellowship, students are first be admitted into one of the eighteen partner institutions. Institutions initiate nominations to Haciendo Caminos; once received, the Haciendo Caminos steering committee evaluates each nomination and the program director communicates a decision within 2-3 weeks.

Haciendo Caminos Fellowships are awarded to students through the partner institution in which they are earning their degree. Each partner institution establishes their students’ payout schedule for a given year, as well as ensures their students’ accountability for the use of fellowships funds.